Oslo date ideas sogn og fjordane

oslo date ideas sogn og fjordane

you call the shootings a shooting spree, it seems it itself wasn't a spree killing (although it may have been part of one) as it was basically only in one location. To show how absurd this connection is, imagine that I tell you that a day before they were killed, the kids ate steak. Talk 08:38, (UTC) The same story has been reported by Norwegian media. I haven't read this news anywhere else. In his.V., part of his manifesto which can be found above under the "Description, apparently in his own words" section, he claims to have been a serious contender for a spot on the Oslo City Council: "I came. Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing Andy's talk ; Andy's edits 16:31, (UTC) Victims Section excised I excised the section entitled "Victims" ( diff ) for two reasons - firstly as per WP:singleevent / WP:memorial, and secondly because at present it contained only two names. At present we are citing refs which disagree with you. As the king now could not predict Snorri's behavior, permission was denied.

Yesterday's Ilta-Sanomat reported that Breivik's first victims on Utoøya were the camp hostess and security officer. There are also plenty of hunting rifles, but it would be less useful weapon and more suspicious when impersonating a police officer. Norwegian Americans comprise Americans 1) with ancestral roots from Norway or 2) Norwegian people who emigrated to and reside in the United States. Expanding ammunition is illegal in Norway except for big-game hunting. And what makes your assertion even more bizarre is that even the article you are defending so fervently uses its first seven words to make clear that the terms are interchangeable. KT on the other hand are clear supporters of cultural isolationism, strongly condems the Jewish holocaust and strongly supports Israels ongoing struggle against Jihad. The perpetrator seems to have been vocally opposed to said government along social and ideological lines. The fact that he could make such an argument reveals how far his influence in Iceland had come. The July 22 article gives many things which happened on this date.

A b Sigursson, Jón Viar (1999). TheGreatDefective ( talk ) 17:56, (UTC) Saw an expert talking about it on Charlie Brooker 's Newswipe. As death toll rises to 93, extremist reveals chilling UK link Should this be included to part about preparation of the attack, or is it more into the biography article? He explained that it was cruel but that he had to go through with these acts." m/skynews The motive was political so it was terrorism - even if carried out by one person acting alone. I'm more inclined to believe he was never a serious candidate with any degree of support and was finally made to understand that he wasn't going to be receiving any, but is in utter denial about why he wasn't elected.

Miceagol ( talk ) 12:19, (UTC) Terrorism? The" is "One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests". Festermunk ( talk ) 13:53, (UTC) Or is Anders realy a lefty who faked his rightness?16:42, (UTC) The Progress Party is an anti-immigration far-right party according to The Daily Telegraph. (I think we can effectively rule out the possibility that this was a coincidence.) JonFlaune ( talk ) 17:54, (UTC) Sounds like OR to me ( talk ) 18:39, (UTC) Agreed. Anyone of us at anytime can come under human or demonic attack. This strikes me as a classic case of not being able to see the forest for the trees. Again I feel like a schmuck for doing this to an IP - one who had clearly put a fair amount of work into this. By The Municipality of Tromso from Tromsø, Norway - Tromsø sentrumUploaded by Arsenikk, CC.0, p?curid29359982. For one thing, American Christian fundamentalists are largely protestant and often included Catholics in their hate lists, whereas their counterparts in Europe are more likely to accept some elements of a trans-Christendom movement.

Snow ( talk ) 13:56, (UTC) I hope you can get this changed. Kiire ( talk ) 22:47, (UTC) I didn't "blame others for not having a proper reason I said "if you have issues with how HotCat works I suggest you raise them in its talk page". It's very noteworthy that that happend. ( talk ) 13:58, (UTC) No, look at the source at the top of this section. Wnt ( talk ) 18:40, (UTC) WP:notcensored. Gårdshistorikk: Petvik, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge Kilde Buksnes Bygdebok av Ola Berg, Bind II,. Those cited witness reports from survivors. Eventually, this article should become a presentation of accurate research and not necessarily a summary of a few days' worth of reactions, most of which shouldn't have been used in the first place, or at the very least, placed under a "reactions" heading.

Can Women Handle It? AndyTheGrump ( talk ) 21:00, (UTC) Steroids I've read several news accounts that stated that he used steroids. There is a section for the Perpetrator, but no section for the Victims. 6 National life edit Snorri quickly became known as a poet, but was also a lawyer. Why wasn't he worried that with the music playing someone might sneak up and bash him on the back of the head? If if means he was just firing randomly at people and trees and buildings, then no he wasn't. Regardless, I think it's time to discuss reverting the title back to a form that reflects the terrorist nature of the attacks.


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Oslo Date Ideas Sogn Og Fjordane

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Lampman ( talk ) 17:25, (UTC) What do you think about a film? It definitely made a mark on him, but can this be directly connected to the preparation? 37 Farstad Gårdshistorikk: Herteigen, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge Kilde Buksnes Bygdebok av Ola Berg, Bind II,. The police have as yet not released any information on the man's interrogation so far except to classify him as "extreme right" and apparently eager to explain the reasoning behind his acts. 37 Farstad Gårdshistorikk: Holsdalen og Bergsdalen, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge Kilde Buksnes Bygdebok av Ola Berg, Bind II,. Abu Suleiman al-Nasser and Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami both took credit. 20 The 700th anniversary of his death was also recognized by the issue of a set of six Norwegian commemorative postage stamps during 1941. Regional Locality Projects Finnmark: Alta I Berlevåg I Båtsfjord I Gamvik I Hammerfest I Hasvik I Karasjok I Kautokeino I By Ricksulman at Dutch Wikipedia - Transferred from. He has himself described what he considers most important, and supporting Israel is one of them, in fact it may be the motivating factor for killing almost hundred members of a party he considers to be pro-Palestinian. That is to say, you can't make out from that statement whether by not 'having a personal relationship with God' he is refering to someone who believes in the Christian god but does not practice the religion actively. Oslo date ideas sogn og fjordane

Wnt ( talk ) 06:48, (UTC) Actually no reliable source says he was listening to to it, because the only actual reference is to claims in his manifesto as to what he states he plans to listen. I don't agree that the sources "almost uniformly are comfortable with the label fundamentalist christian". He soon acquired more property and chieftainships. Please feel free. I am not referring to his subjective views, butn his claims as to his personal life and possibly his moments. So we know portions of the manifesto are defacto false, and this is not a matter of "personal research". ( talk ) Preceding undated comment added 19:32, (UTC).

Still, we should apply a sane level of BLP carefulness and only use the facts reported as true in the article - specifically, it says he wore headphones and mentioned Lux Aeterna, but doesn't say that is the. The comment is originally from one the comments he posted on the anti-Muslim website. 37 Farstad Emigrated from Evje/Hornnes, Aust-Agder, Norway to North America Sometimes these change their names, so its impossible to find themin the. For example an intelligent, submissive man who can cook. This was a front (milking cow) I established and focused on shortly after my inclusion in pccts, Knights Templar with the purpose of financing resistance/liberation related military operations. If ever there was a man who qualified for the term right-leaning, this is him. Also, if this attacker is defined as a terrorist, then Charles Manson must also be a retro-classified as a terrorist, as both of them had similar intentions. This is amazingly stupid. Regional Locality Projects Finnmark: Alta I Berlevåg I Båtsfjord I Gamvik I Hammerfest I Hasvik I Karasjok I Kautokeino I Gårdshistorikk: Skotnes, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge Kilde Kilde Buksnes Bygdebok av Ola Berg, Bind II,. To satisfy WP:V, this is implicitly cited.g.

The Women in Snorri's Life. Snorri and 120 men formed around a church. From a tactical and pragmatical viewpoint; the PC Medias defeat of the Progress Party will benefit the armed National Resistance Movement in Norway. By Clemensfranz - Own work, CC.5, p?curid540662 Locality Nordreisa, Troms, Norway Nordreisa Locality Project Genealogy project for Nordreisa, Norway Nordreisa village projects No village projects yet. AugustinMa ( talk ) 13:59, (UTC) That's a good arguement, I'm convinced. Given his professed stances, the term is certainly accurate, even if not exactly specific.

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It also looks like he has a rødpunkt-view in addition to a magnifying device, says weapons expert. I'd like to point out that Christianity is a well-defined term, defined by Christ and documented in the Bible. this is an ongoing debate and though one of the pictures has been nominated for klær til store damer kongsvinger deletion and we can discuss it there, others have not. For posterity, and review, here is the table that the IP had created: Manning ( talk ) 22:18, (UTC) XXX Victims XXX Utøya Name Birth Age From Sharidyn Svebakk-bøhn 14 Drammen Silje Merete Fjellbu 17 Tinn Hanne. You wouldn't call Derrick Bird a terrorist would you? That way the only mass murderer faces we'll see will be brown. What's more, if we go by default with current image, just because it was one of the first available, we're letting Breivik set the tone for our article, which is an inappropriate relationship between the subject of an article. Stange consists of several areas that were previously distinct, including Vallset, Romedal, Espa, Åsbygda, Tangen, and Stange itself. Maybe just a comment along the liens of "50 of the victims were children aged 11-18, the rest adults." Those of course are just guesses at what the actual numbers may be, for the sake of providing an example, of course. Most of them seem to be comparing it to the 2004 Madrid one though.